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Dinky, Corgi, and other diecast toy restorations, collections. Resprays, Axle Repairs, parts, body repair, refurbishing. Demonstration Videos shwing how to restore model diecast toys. Automec Autosculpt Miniatures Barclay Barton Beeju Benbros Bradshaw Brimtoy Welsotoys Britains Budgie CIJ Castle Art Charbens Clarkes Toys Corgi Corgi Junior Corgi Juniors Corgi Kits Corgi Whizzwheels Crescent Crescent DCMT D629 DCMT DCMT Crescent Dan Toys Days Gone Dinky Dinky Atlas Dinky Dublo Dinky France Dinky Junior Ertl FTC and Sons GAIETEY PODUCT CASTLE ART LTD Gaiety Toys Gaity Toys Gilco Grandee Hornby Hubley Husky Imperial Johillco John Hill and Co Johillco Jordan and Lewden River Series Kemlow Kemlows Lehman GNOM Lesney Lesney Models of Yesteryear Lledo Loius Marx Londontoy Lone Star Louis Marx MAFWO MOKO Lesney MT Wayne Machbox Majorette Marx Master Models Matchbox Matchbox Accessory Pack Matchbox Dinky Matchbox King Size Matchbox Kingsize Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Matchbox S Matchbox Speed Kings Meccano Midgetoy Miniature JRD Minitoy Morestone Norev Norev (Dinky) Oxford Penny Prameta Quiralu Real Types Royden Power Spot On Spot-On Spot-on Summer T & T Taylor & Barrett Taylor and Barrett Timpo Toby Toys Tootsietoy Triang Triang Minic Triumph Unknown Unknown Russian Vitesse Wardie Wardie Master Models Wee World Whizzwheels

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<a href='../files/catalogue/Dinky/28c/193428c.jpg' target='dimg'>Dinky 1934 28c  Manchester Guardian Van</a>
<a href='../files/catalogue/Dinky/28c/193528c.jpg' target='dimg'>Dinky 1935 28c  Manchester Guardian Van</a>
<a href='../files/catalogue/Dinky/28c/193828c.jpg' target='dimg'>Dinky 1938 28c  Manchester Guardian Van</a>
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