Make: Corgi
Model: Ecurie Ecosse
Number: 1126
Ref: D158

A mammoth project as this is the first of this size and a model in such a poor state. Some damage to the bodywork, window shell broken and missing bits, no rear ramp, full of dirt, no vice in the workshop, and a bad paint job. So a good clean up and all paint was stripped finishing with caustic soda and a fine wire brush on my drill. A good primer and two top coats before trial assembly. A final coat or two will be added as necessary. The front steering was removed by drilling out the rivet head, all components will be cleaned and lubricated before reassembly. The axle plate will be held in with screws should it ever be necessary to rebuild this model again. The Chassis was reassembled after cleaning and polishing all the parts. The front springs were re-tensioned before assembly and the rear springs were carefully rotated 180 degrees. A little WD40 to lubricate and all set to go. The broken windscreen and badly stained plastic interior will be tackled next. Ecurie Ecosse History (Team Scotland) This model was produced 1961-1965 and was dark metallic blue with yellow or light blue lettering and a yellow interior. It was also painted light metallic blue with red, yellow, or dark blue lettering with yellow or red interior. It also came as a gift set with three racing cars, BRM, Lotus and Vanwall. The original vehicle was blue with yellow lettering and silver detail on each side, more famously know for transporting the D Type Jaguar. A longer term project so keep posted....